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Recommended Snow Crab Buffet!

After enjoying a trip round Mt Fuji to the fullest, how about buffet crab at dinner time?
Please be sure to book in advance for this opportunity.
Within Japan, species of crab are abundant. We also have an
offer of high grade Snow crab for ¥3,000 yen each.





 Time limitation



  • Reservations can be made until 15:00 the day before.
  • Reservations can be made for more than two people.
  • Photos are representations only. Serving style and tableware may differ.
  • Details are subject to change depending on available stocks.
  • Please consider these conditions in advance

As much as you want of what you like

Both dinner and breakfast are served in buffet style.
All guests will be able to enjoy Chinese and Japanese style main courses.
A homely atmosphere we hope you’ll treasure.



Japanese and Chinese style evening meals

Please enjoy Japanese and Chinese main courses served in a buffet style format.
We also lay out meals that children will love too, such as curry and Yakisoba stir-fry with sauce.


Our popular standard breakfast

Alongside egg and potato dishes, we serve other options such as pasta, white rice, and rice porridge.
Breakfast is also provided in a buffet format.


Drinks are also available.

Drinks such as coffee and barley tea are served.A variety of alcohols are available at extra cost.

Asahi Super Dry (Draft)

Medium bottle ¥500

Japanese Sake(One cup)


Red wine

glass ¥500

Half bottle ¥1,500 etc.