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Overview of Fujibou hotel

Hotel name

Hotel Fujibou



Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 2498-2


Shuichi Aoki

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Business period

Operating all year

Facility overview

38 guest rooms (30 Japanese style rooms・2 twin rooms・2 Semi-double rooms・4 single rooms)

Facilities: Restaurant (Buffet style), Open-air bath, Large public bath,Wood deck, Wi-fi available

Access to Fuijbou hotel



From Tokyo direction

About 20 minutes via the Kawaguchiko Bridge, from the Central Road Kawaguchiko I. C.
Turn right at the three-way junction 400m ahead of Oishi Park, and head directly towards the Wakahiko Tunnel going straight for 900m on the right hand side.

From Kofu area

Travel by way of the Wakahito Tunnel, upon exiting continue for 1.7km on the left hand side.

From Nagoya・Shizuoka area

From the new Tokyo-Nagoya Expressway Fuji I.C. via route 139 along Lake Shoji, the journey takes about 1 hour 30 minutes.


Arrival by train

From Tokyo direction

Take a transfer from the Chuo Main Line to Otsuki, and then a taxi ride from Fujikyu Kawaguchiko Station taking 15 minutes.
A direct train runs daily from JR Shinjuku Station making round trips. Please take the time to confirm this.

From Kansai area

There is a bus from the Tokaido Bullet-train 'Mishima' station. Please take the time to confirm this.
The Fujikyu Bus service runs daily from Mishima Station South Exit (No. 2).

Between the Tokyo/Shinjuku south entrance 'Busta' 🔁 and 'Kawaguchiko' stations, many buses operate daily.

Time required About 1 hour 50 minutes Charge one way ¥1,950 (As of July, 2019)
Fujikyu call-center  0555-73-8181(07:30~2:00)
Keio Express Bus Reservation Center 03-5376-2222(09:00~18:00)