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privacy policy

The hotel is, the service that is trusted by customers to recognize and adhere to laws and regulations of the importance of protecting
personal information as a corporate philosophy, with great care to protect the personal information of our customers have concidered to
be a social respo sibility cage you.
Customers with peace of mind , safely determined to say serving as the hotel basic policy, accordingly will do all possible measures in
the handling of your personal information.


Colllection of 1. Personal Information

The hotel is if you provide your personal information from you, we will advance explicit purpose (hereinafter referred to as the intended
use) the use of the personal information. However, there is a thing where I am in the following cases: to omit the explicit purpose of use.

  • The hotel Web site, telephone, fax, if you get your personal information by the inquiry by E-mail or the like.
  • If you get your personal information by exchanging business cards and the like.

2. range of personal information

The hotel is if you get the personal information from the normal customers include things like following.

  • Your name, address, contact information ( phone, fax, e-mail address)
  • Information such as the name of your companion, information of your name and the like.
  • Your personal information when you and your application customers become accommodation is differentfrom your application.

3. use of personal information

The hotel is,the personal information provided by customers, it will be utilized within the scope of the following purposes.

  • Telephone & E-mail with your reservation,in order to make your rejistration at the time of check-in.
  • Mail delivery
  • In order to provide services such as announcements of events.
  • Customers and to take contract.
  • There is the case that for the purpose of service delivery imrovement to customers I 'm allowed to question the information other than that, in which case , we'll clearly advance its purpose.

4. disclosure of personal information to third parties.

The hotel is the personal information I received offers from customers, except in cases falling under any pf the following, it
will not be disclosed to any third party.

  • If you have the consent of the customer.
  • By law, if you are prompted for disclosure from related prganizations.

Management of 5. Personal Information

  • The hotel keeps the accuracy of personal information, we'll safely manage this.
  • The hotel is loss of personal information, destruction, in order to prevent such tamoering and leakage, will take the proper security measures.

6. For disclosure and correction of personal of personal information

The hotel keeps the accuracy of personal information, we'll safely manage this.

  • The hotel is about your personal information of self, if there is a disclosure , correction, suspension of use , erasing, etc.
    confirmed these requests that it has a right to seek, you can respond promptly.
  • In addition, we ask that you please contact the following if you have any inquiries about the handling of our personal information.

Fujibou Ltd. Phone 0555-76-8000 Fax 0555-76-8818