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Accommodation Terms

Article 1.(Scope of Application)

  1. Contracts for accommodation and related agreement to be entered into between this Hotel and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions.
    Any particulars not provided here in shall be governed by laws and regulations and/or generally accepted practices.
  2. In the case when the Hotel has entered into a special contract with the Guest insofar as such special contract does not violate laws and regulations and generally accepted practices the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, notwithstanding the preceding Paragraph.

Article 2.(Application fo the Accommodation Contract)

  1. A Guest who intends to make an application for an Accommodation Contract with the Hotel shall notify the Hotel of the following particulars;
    1. Name of the Guest(s);
    2. Date of accommodation and estimated time of arraval;
    3. Accommodation charges ( based in principle on the Basic
      Accommodation charges listed in the Attached Table No.1); and
    4. Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel.
  2. If Guests request to extend their stay, during their stay, beyond the date in subparagraph (2) of the preceding Paragraph,it shall be regarded as an application for a new Accommodation Contract at the time such request is made.

Article 3.(Conclusion of Accommodation Contracts,etc.)

  1. A Contract for Accommodation shall be deemed to have been concluded when the Hotel has duly accepted the application as stipulated in the preceeding Article.However , the same shall not apply where it has been proved that the Hotel has not accepted the application.
  2. When a Contract for Accommodation has been concluded in accordance with the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the Guest is requested to pay an accommodation deposit set by the Hotel within the limits of Bacic Accommodation Charges covering the Guest's entire period of stay ( 3 days when the period of stay exceeds 3 days ) by the date specified by the Hotel.
  3. The deposit shall be first used for the Total Accommodation Charge to be paid by the Guest, secondly for cancellation charges  under Article 6 and thirdly for reparations under Article 18 as applicable. The remainder, if any, shall be refunded at the time of payment for accommodation as stated in Article 12.
  4. If the Guest fails to pay the deposit by the date as stipulated in paragraph 2, the Hotel shall treat the Accommodation Contract as invalid. However ,the same shall apply only in the case where the Guest is thus informed by the Hotel when the period of Payment  of the deposit is specified.

Article 4.(Special Contracts Requiring No Accommodation Deposit)

  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article, the Hotel may enter into a special contract requiring no accommodation deposit after the Contract has been concluder as stipurated in the same Paragraph.
  2. In the case when the Hotel has not requested payment of the deposit as stipulated in Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article and/ or has not specified the date of payment of the deposit at the time the application for an Accommodation Contract has been accepted,  it shall be treated as though the Hotel has accepted a special contract prescribed in the preceding Paragraph.

Article 5.(Refusal of Accommodation Contract)

The Hotel may not accept the conclusion of an Accommodation Contract under any of the following circumstances;

  1. When the application for accommodation does not conform with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions;
  2. When the Hotel is fully booked and there is not vacancy;
  3. When the Guest seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct himself/herself in a manner that will be violate laws or act against the public order or good morals in regard to his/her accommodations;
  4. When the Guest seeking accommodation can be clearly indentified as carrying an infectious disease;
  5. When the Hotel and/or hotel staff are violently threatened or unreasonably burdened by the Guest;
  6. When the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities , malfunction of facilities and/or other unavoidable causes;
  7. When the person requesting Hotel accommodation is obviously intoxicated and could cause annoyance to other guests or when the person is behaving in such a manner as to be an annoyance to other guests (when provisions of Article 1 of The Yamanashi Prefectural ordinance are applicable);
  8. When the person requesting Hotel accommodation is a menber of  an organized crime group, under Article 2-6 of Law on Preventing Unreasonable Conduct by Organized Crime Groups(Code 77 issured in 1991), or a related party ,under Article 2-2 of said law;

Article 6.(Right to Cancel Accomodation Contracts by the Guest)

  1. The Guest is entitled to cancel the Accommodation Contract by notifing the Hotel.
  2. If the Guest has cancelled the Accommodation Contract in whole or in part due to causes for which the Guest is liable (except in the case when the Hotel has requested payment of the deposit during the specified period as prescrived in Paragraph 2 of Article 3 and the Guest has cancelled before payment ),the Guest shall pay cancellation charges as listed in the Attached Table No. 2. However , in the case when a special contract as prescrived in Paragraph 1 of Article 4 has been concluded , the same shall apply only when the Guest is informed of the obligation of payment of cancellation charges in case of cancellation by the Guest.
  3. If the Guest does not appear by 8:00p.m. of the accommodation date without advance notice ( 2 hours after the expected time of arraival if the Hotel is notified ), the Hotel may regard the Accommodation.

Article 7.(Right to Cancel Accomodation Contracts by the Hotel)

  1. The Hotel may cancel the Accommodation Contract under any of the following circumstances;
    1. When the Guest is deemed liable for conduct and/or has conducted himself/herself in a manner that will violate laws or act against the public order and good morals in regard to his/her accommodation.
    2. When the Guest can be clearly identified as carrying an infectious discase;
    3. When the Hotel and/or Hotel staff suffers from violent threat or unreasonable burden from the Guest.Or,when it is acknowledged that similar activity has occurred in the past;
    4. When the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities and/or other caouses of force majeure;
    5. When the person requesting Hotel accommodation is obviously intoxicated and could cause annoyance to other guests or  when a person is behaving in such a manner as to be an  annoyance to other guests (when the provisions of Article 4 of The Yamanashi Prefectural Ordinance are applicable );
    6. When the person requesting Hotel accommodation is a member of an organized crime group, under Article 2-6 of Law on Preventing Unreasonable Conduct by Organaized  Crime groups ( Code 77 issured in1991 ), or a related party, Trticle 2-2 of said law; or
    7. When the Guest does not observe prohibited actions such as smoking in bed , tampers with fire-fighting facilities and  otherwise breaches Hotel Regulations stipulated by the Hotel (restricted to particulars deemed necessary in order to avoid causing fires ).
  2. If the Hotel has canceled the Accommodation Contract in accordance with the preceeding Paragraph , the Hotel shall not charge the Guest for any of the services during the contractual period he/she not received.

Article 8. ( Registration)

  1. The Guest shall register the following particulars the Front Desk of the Hotel on the day of accommodation:
    1. Name,age,sex,address, and occpation of the Guest(s);
    2. Nationality,passport number, port and date of entry in Japan;
    3. Date,and estimated time of departure; and
    4. Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hotel.
  2. All Guests of foreign nationality who do not reside within Japan will be asked to leave a photocopy of their passport with the Front Desk.
  3. In the case where the Guest intends to pay his/her accommodation charges prescribed in Article 12 by any means other than Japanese currency , such as traveler's cheque coupons or credit cards, these credentials shall be shown in advance at the time of the registration prescrived in the preceding Paragraph.

Article 9. (Occupancy Hours of Guest Rooms )

  1. The Guest is entitled to occupy the contracted guest room of the Hotel from 4:00 p.m. on the day of arraival to 10:00 a.m. onthe day of departure.
    However , in the case when the Guest is accommodation continuously, the Guest may occupy the guest room all day,except for the days of arrival and departure.
  2. The Hotel may,notwithstanding the provisions prescrived in the preceding Paragraph , permit the Guest to occupy the guest room beyond the time prescrived in the same Paragraph ,in this case, extra charges shall apply as follows;
    1. Up to 3 hours ; 30% of the room charge
    2. Up to 6 hours ; 50% of the room charge
    3. More than 6 hours ; 100% of the room charge

Article 10. (Observance oh Hotel Regulations)

The Guest shall observe the Hotel Regurations established by the Hotel.
Hotel Regurations are posted within the premises of the Hotel

Article 11. (Business Hours)

  1. The business hours of the Hotel main facilities are as follows, and those of dther facilities, etc. shall be notified in detail by brouchures as provided, notices displayed in various places,the Service Directory in guest rooms and other means.
    1. Service hours of the Front Desk , cashier, etc.
      Closing time;N/A
      Front service: Open 06:00~23:00
      Exchange service:Open 06:00~23:00
    2. Service hours for dining,drinking and etc.
      Please refer to the Service Directory.
  2. The business hours specified in the preceding Paragraph are subject to temporary changes due to unavoidable circumstances of the Hotel.In such cases, the Guest shall be informed by appropriate means.

Article 12. (Payment of Accommodation Charges)

  1. The explanation of accommodation charges ,etc.that the Guest shall pay is as listed in the attached Table No.1.
  2. Accommodation charges , etc. as stated in the preceding Paragraph shall be paid at Front desk at the time of the Guest's departure or upon request by the Hotel in Japanese currency.
    Other means acceptable to the Hotel are traveler's cheques, coupons and credit cards.
  3. Accommodation charges shall be paid even if the Guest voluntarily does not utilize the accommodation facilities provided for him/her by the Hotel.

Article 13. (Liabilities of the Hotel)

  1. The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage if the Hotel has caused such damage to the Guest in the fulfillment or the nonfufillment of the Accommodation Contract and/or related agreements. However the same shall not apply in cases where such damage has been caused due to reasons for which the Hotel is notr liable.
  2. The Hotel is covered by Hotel Liability Insurance to deal with unexpected fire and/or other disasters.

Article 14.(Handling when Unable to Provide Contracted Rooms)

  1. The Hotel shall, when unable to provide contracted rooms, arrange accommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the Guest insofar as practicable with the consent of the Guest.
  2. When arrangement of other accommodation can not be made, notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Paragraph , the Hotel shall pay the Guest a compensation fee equivalent to the cancellation charges and the compensation fee shall be applied to reparations. However ,when the Hotel can not provide accommodation due to causes for which the Hotel is not liable, the Hotel will not compensate the Guest.

Article 15. ( Handling of Deposited Articles )

  1. The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damages when loss, breakage or other damage is caused to goods, cash or valuables deposited at the Front Desk by the Guest,except in the case when this has occurred due to causes of force majeure.
    However ,for cash and valuables, when the Hotel has requested the Guest for an appraisal of the value and the Guest has failed to do so, the Hotel shall compensate the Guest up to a maximum of 150,000 yen.
  2. The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for the damages when loss,  breakage or other damage is caused,throuth intent or negligense on the part of the Hotel , to the goods, cash or valuables brought onto the premises of the Hotel by the Guest but are not deposited at the Front Desk.
    However, for articles of which the nature and value has not been reported in advance by the Guest , the Hotel shall compensate the Guest up to a maximum of 150,000 yen.

Article 16.( Custody of Baggage and/or Belongings of Guest )

  1. When the baggage of the Guest is brought into the Hotel before his/her arrival , the Hotel shall be liable to store it only in the case when such a request has been accepted from the Hotel.
    The baggage shall be handed over to the Guest at the Front Desk at the time of his/her chek-in.
  2. When the baggage or belongings of the Guest are found after check-out and ownership of the articles is confirmed,the Hotel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask for further instructions. When no such instructions are given to the Hotel  by the owner or when ownership is not confirmed ,the Hotel shall handle it according to the Lost Goods Act.
  3. The Hotel's liability in regards to the custody of the Guest's baggage and belongings in the case of the preceding two paragraphs shall be in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1 of the Preceding Article in the case of Paragraph 1, and with provisions of Paragraph 2 of the same Article in the case of Paragraph 2.

Article 17. ( Liability in Regard to Parking )

The Hotel shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle of the Guest when the Guest utilizes the parking lot within the premises of the Hotel,as it shall be regarded that the Hotel simply offers the space for parking,whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited to the Hotel or not. However , the Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage caused through intent or negligence on the part of the Hotel in regards to the management of the parking lot.

Article 18. ( Liability of the Guest)

The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for damage caused through intent or negligence on part of the Guest.

Article 19. ( Governing Language )

These terms are provided in both Japanese and English. In case of a discrepancy between the Japanese and the English , the Japanese version will take precedence.

Article 20. ( Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws )

Litigation arising from the Terms & Conditions for Accommodation Contract will be resolved in the courts in the jurisdirection of the Hotel and in accordance with Japanese law.



Attached Table No. 1

Calculation Method for Accommodation Charges( Ref.Paragraph 1 of Article 2 , Paragraph 2 of Article 3 and Paragraph 1 of Artticle 12)

Total amount to be paid by the Guest Accommodation Charges (1)Basic Accommodation Charges
(Room charges uncluding Breakfast)
Extra Charges (2)Meals,Drinks and other Expenses
Taxes  Consumption Tax

Remarks:These charges are subject to change in accordance with revisions to the Tax Laws concerned.

Attached Table No. 2

Cancellation Charges for Hotel( Ref.Paragraph 2 of Article 6 )

Contract cancellation date
 No show 100% 100%
 Accommodation Day 100% 100%
 1 Day Prior to Accommodation Day 100% 50%
 2~3 Days Prior to Accommodation Day 100% 30%


  1. The percentages signifies the cancellation charge to the Basic Accommodation Charges.
  2. When the number of days contracted are reduced,cancellation charges for the first day shall be paid by the guest regardless ofthe number of days shortened.
  3. When part of a group booking ( for 15 persons or more ) is canceled,the cancellation charges shall not be charged for persons in the booking equivalent to 10% (with frantions rounded up) of the total number of persons if cancellation is made 10 days prior to the occupancy ( when accepted less than 10 days prior to the occupancy, as of the date).

Hotel Usage Regulations

In order to provide our guests with a safe and comfortable stay, the hotel has established the following usage regulations based on Article 11 of the accommodation contract. We request your understanding and cooperation; In the case that the usage regulations are not upheld, in accordance with Article 8 of the accommodation contract use of accommodation and various hotel facilities may be denied.
In addition, please be aware that the hotel will not be liable for accidents resulting from failure to observe these rules of use.

Bringing items into the hotel: Strictly prohibited articles

  1. Since the following items may become a source of annoyance for other guests, please refrain from bringing them into the hotel.
    1. Animals, birds, and other pets.
       *With the exception of guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs, and other service dogs for the disabled.
    2. Items which emit loud noises or unpleasant odours  
    3. Gunpowder, gasoline, other ignitable or inflammable items.
    4. Possessions prohibited by law, such as firearms, swords or stimulants.

Ordering or bringing in food and drink from outside the hotel

  1. Orders for food and drink from outside this hotel are strictly prohibited.
  2. Bringing food and drink into the restaurant is also strongly prohibited. However, in the exceptional case that this becomes unavoidable please consult with us in advance.
  3. Please consider food and drink within guest rooms purchased from locations such as supermarkets and convenience stores the responsibility of guests, within the limits of politeness.

Regarding use of the guest rooms

  1. Please do not use the guest rooms for any purpose other than accommodation.
  2. We do not allow minor only guest rooms unless expressly approved by a parent or guardian.
  3. Please refrain from meeting with visitors in your guest room for day long periods. In addition, visitors will be refused entry from 10pm.
  4. In accordance with article 9 of the accommodation agreement, other than overnight guests (and their companions) who have been checked in, visitors may be refused lodging.
  5. With the exception of equipment provided by the hotel, please do not use heat generating apparatus for cooking or warmth within the guest rooms.

Important notes on using the open-air and large public baths・・There’s a lot to consider with bathing etiquette!

  1. Please use the towels provided in your room.
  2. Please be sure to read the explanatory ‘Bathing Etiquette’ poster located in the changing room of the large public bath carefully. For more details there is an operations guide provided in the guest room, which guides you through the particulars with illustrations. The main points to note are as follows.
    1. Please remove slippers or sandals when entering the changing rooms or changing room shoe rack area.
    2. In principle, use of the baths will be refused to those with tattoos. There are differences in the culture surrounding Japanese tattoos and tattoos from overseas. Simply put, this means that people with foreign or Japanese style tattoos which could intimidate or scare those around them will be turned down...!
    3. Please wash your body first, before entering the bathtub. Furthermore, please refrain from entering the bathtub wearing clothes or bathing costumes.
    4. While in the bathtub, please do not wash your body or use shampoo.
    5. You must not put towels into the bathtub. In addition, please keep your hair up to prevent it from becoming submerged.
    6. After washing your body, please rinse the soap thoroughly before entering the bathtub.
    7. Please enter the bathtub slowly and quietly. Do not splash about. Raised voices are also strictly prohibited.
    8. When in the washing area, please be considerate and try not to splash others with hot water or soap bubbles.
    9. Please do not wash any clothes.
    10. Please take care that young children do not run around in the bathroom, or go to the toilet in inappropriate areas.
    11. Without exception, items such as used razors must be thrown away into the trash can provided.
    12. Please make sure that chairs and buckets used in the washroom are always returned to their original place, after being rinsed with hot water.
    13. Upon your return to the changing rooms, please be sure wipe yourself off before going back.
    14. When in the changing rooms, please give sufficient attention to loose hair, wrapping it in a tissue and disposing of it in the trash can.
    15. The age limit for mixed-gender bathing is seven years old. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Regarding problematic actions that we cannot tolerate!

  1. Please do not sell goods or distribute marketing items within the hotel or on the premises.
  2. Please do not engage in gambling, acts deemed publically immoral, or further activities problematic to other guests.
  3. Do not raise your voice, sing loudly, greatly increase the volume of devices such as Televisions, or engage in similar actions which might inconvenience other guests.
  4. Please do not interfere with or move around the various equipment or facilities in and outside the building. Damage, stains, or misplacement of items will result in the actual cost being charged.
  5. Do not use any audio recording or photography device within guest rooms or on the hotel premises with the intention of producing photos, videos, or DVDs for business purposes without permission. In addition, even if photos or sound recordings are made privately; please do not publish them online for business purposes without permission.

Locking guest rooms: About ensuring security

  1. Throughout your stay, please be certain that your guest room is locked when you exit. During your stay and when retiring for the night please keep your door secured. Please exercise caution, and avoid carelessly opening your door if visited by any suspicious person.
  2. For the purpose of safety when leaving your room, electronic devices and powers sources should be switched off and unplugged from outlets.
  3. The building is non-smoking; please refrain from smoking outside the designated place in the hall. In addition, do not perform any action that may cause a fire. If you smoke in your room you will be charged cleaning costs for items including bedding, curtains, and wallpaper, as well as actual costs for repairs.
  4. As a precaution, please check the evacuation route map and emergency exits on each floor shown in the guest room equipment and business guide.
  5. Please exercise appropriate care when storing your cash and valuables during your stay. We recommend leaving such items at the front desk. If this procedure is not followed, in the unlikely event of any loss or theft occurring within the building the hotel cannot accept responsibility under any circumstances.
  6. Items left behind will be kept in storage by the hotel for a fixed period starting from the date of discovery, after which they will be legally regarded as lost property and treated as such.The cost of sending forward forgotten items is the responsibility of the guest. Furthermore, the hotel's responsibility for storage of forgotten items will be subject to the provisions of Article 16, Paragraph 2 of the Accommodation Agreement.

Concerning squaring of accounts (payment), temporary payment on behalf of guests, and gratuities

  1. During the stay, if there is a request for payment from the front desk, we will ask you to pay for it on each occasion.
  2. Charges for shopping, tickets, taxis, postage stamps, and baggage shipping will not be accepted on the guest’s behalf.
  3. We cannot accept payment by check or foreign currency, and do not support currency exchange. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
  4. Employees will not be accepting gratuities.

Yakuza and other lodgers who cause considerable trouble will be refused accommodation.

  1. As described in Article 6, Paragraph 1, Item 4 of the accommodation agreement, in the event of perceived risk from criminal
    gangs or violation of public order, use of this hotel will be refused.
    If it becomes apparent that this is the case after reservations have been made, or during your stay, use of the hotel will be refused at that time.