Guide to the open-air/large public baths

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Slowly wash away your daily stress

There are open-air and large public baths available for both men and women.


Open-air bath


Large public bath

Open-air bath/large public bath operating hours

  • 18:00~23:00
  • Opening hours for bathing can be adjusted to suit check-in time.
    (In the case that a customer checks in at 16:00:16:00~23:00)

Requests for bathers

  • Please use the towels that have been provided in your room.
  • Yukata are available at the front lobby. There are also items suited for children.
  • After using the dryer, please leave it neatly in the state that you found it.
  • When bathing, please act responsibly so as not to disturb other guests.
  • Precautions are displayed on the changing rooms posters. For further details please read over the information provided in the guest rooms.